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For the first time ever, the Inspired Muslim Women Academy will be offering a six-month teacher’s training program for the fiqh of menstruation, lochia, and related women’s issues. Become certified to teach Ustadha Naielah Ackbarali‘s ‘A Muslim Woman’s Guide to Menstruation Rulings’ in your local community!

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Frequently Asked Questions

By successfully completing the 6-month program and passing the exams, certification will be given to you. You will receive a certificate via email by our academy. Additionally, those who successfully pass will receive access to Ust. Naielah Ackbarali’s Teacher’s Manual.

An 85% pass mark needs to be achieved for the quizzes, exams, and student presentations. A student’s attendance record will also be factored into their overall mark. More details will be given to students who are accepted into the program.

Classes will start the weekend of January 22nd 2023 and end on July 21st 2023 inshaAllah. 

Class will be on Sunday at 9 PM London / 4 PM New York* / 8 AM Sydney*

*Classes will always be according to London time, even after the time change.

There will be no classes during Ramadan or Eid.

Exams will be conducted during mid-July. More details will be given to students who are accepted into the program.

Our classes are different from other menstruation courses. Whereas most stick to teaching a traditional text, we strive to give teachers the tools of how to teach this knowledge to the masses in a way that they can comprehend, as well as providing an insight of how to deal with common menstruation issues in today’s times.

Classes will be a mixture of topics:

  • The knowledge included in ‘A Muslim Woman’s Guide to Menstruation Rulings’ will be taught at a teacher’s standard.
  • Common mistakes that women and teachers make will be addressed.
  • Common questions that women and teachers ask will be mentioned. 
  • Student questions. Students can ask their related questions during the live session or on the forum during the week. 

No. The program is beyond understanding the concepts included in the book. It is intended to give hands-on training to teachers of how to teach the fiqh of menstruation to the general population, as well as provide them with a foundation for future academy classes related to advanced problem-solving.

If you believe that you understand everything in the book and do not want to be trained in how to teach it (or certified), then this may not be the program for you.

No. This program is a prerequisite. It will integrate many principles and concepts that will serve as a foundation for our advanced classes. Classes will build on the method that is taught in this course.

The key to knowledge is repetition; there is no harm in repeating the theory with another teacher. In addition, hearing the rulings taught in different ways can be very helpful for your understanding.

No. Attendance is mandatory. InshaAllah the program will be offered every year for those who cannot make the current time. Policies related to missing class due to sickness or emergencies will be discussed with students who are accepted into the program inshaAllah.

Furthermore, this is a teacher’s training program. To be trained, students must attend live. Classes will be interactive and student participation is required.

Recordings will only be used for students to revise what was covered in the live sessions and they will not be a replacement for attendance.

You can submit your application and indicate that you are not interested in certification. However, there are limited spots available.  Applicants who are seeking certification will be given priority over applicants who are not seeking it. 

Every week students will be assigned a chapter to read from ‘A Muslim Woman’s Guide To Menstruation Rulings.’ There will be additional reading or quizzes about the concepts mentioned. Students should estimate dedicating around two to three hours of additional time outside of the weekly 90-minute sessions inshaAllah.

The exams will consist of testing a student’s understanding of the theory taught and live student presentations. Students will be asked to teach certain topics from the book to their classmates like a mock class. This will help ensure that students not only learn the theory, but they are guided on how to teach it inshaAllah.

Our advanced classes are unique. They will teach problem-solving skills at an understandable pace in English. Students will also gain knowledge of how to resolve problems related to modern-day questions that Ustadha Naielah frequently receives. More details will be released in the fall of 2023 inshaAllah.

No. This is a sisters-only course.

InshaAllah accepted applicants will receive an email by January 3rd 2023.  A payment link will be included to confirm their placement in the program. Thereafter, students will receive access to the course page. More details will be given to accepted students.

Program Cost

There are two payment options for the 6-month professional teacher’s training program. 

Option 1: A monthly fee of $125 USD per month for six months ($750 USD in total).

Option 2: A one-time fee of $599 USD.

Once paid, all fees are non-refundable.

If a student decides to leave the program, no refunds will be given for the amount paid. 

If a student does not pass the course, no refunds will be given for the amount paid. 

Student Reviews From Menses Courses

“I loved the teacher and her delivery and explanation. The set up of course delivery was good and how it expanded on each lesson. It made it easier to understand.”

“I think the course was taught so well and the information given was detailed enough to increase any women’s confidence in dealing with her menses. Alhamdulilah.”

“It’s obligatory knowledge delivered in a way that is easy to understand but also touches on complex information.”

“I liked the amount of detail given, the clear explanations and access to different articles. The use of examples for each situation really helped understand the points made in class.”

“I have enjoyed this course thoroughly. I really like the way you have put it together with detailed explanations and all the visuals."

“The instructor was easy to listen and to follow. Her passion was evident and inspiring, mashallah.”

“What I liked most was that I was able to understand what was taught.”

“I liked the content, the pace and simplified teaching style.”

“The teacher explains everything very well.”

“I’ve been looking forward to studying this subject for some time and was pleased when it was released. It was very concise, easy to understand and well-structured. Would definitely recommend!”

Submit Your Application Now!

Fill out the application and press submit. You will receive a response by January 20th 2023 notifying you if you have been accepted into the program inshaAllah. The payment link will be included in the acceptance email. 

Application Deadline: January 18 2023. Limited spots are available.

For questions or concerns, please email

A Muslim Woman's Guide To Menstruation Rulings

The first of its kind! A modern-day guide about the Islamic rulings related to menstruation, lochia, and abnormal bleeding. Written by a Muslim woman for Muslim women. This intermediate guide is designed to be practical, engaging, and easy to read.

Suitable for ages 17+.