Naielah Ackbarali

Author of ‘A Muslim Woman’s Guide To Menstruation Rulings.’ A modern-day guide about the Islamic rulings related to menstruation, lochia, and abnormal bleeding. 

Detailed Bio

Naielah was born in Trinidad but grew up in South Florida. She graduated from Florida State University in 2004 with a double major in International Affairs & Sociology. 

Thereafter, she studied various Islamic sciences with top traditional scholars in both Syria and Jordan for over 15 years in Hanafi fiqh, Shafi’i fiqh of menstruation, aqida, and much more. She is currently continuing her advanced Islamic studies in England.

In 2015, she founded Muslima Coaching, where she offers faith-based marriage coaching and relationship advice.

In 2020, she launched a fiqh ‘Answers Service for Women’ on the Muslima Coaching website, where free answers related to women’s issues can be easily accessed.

Naielah has been featured on the Islam Channel and British Muslim TV. She is an author and has written six books:

A Muslim Woman’s Guide To Menstruation Rulings” for women 17+.

Love Scripts: Getting Through To Him” for all married sisters.

Secrets of Successful Muslim Wives” for all married sisters.

Say It With Love: Communicate, Connect & Cure Conflict” for all married sisters.

Newlywed Nuggets: Golden Marriage Advice” for newlywed wives.

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