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Get trained to teach Ustadha Naielah Ackbarali’s ‘Blossom: A Muslim Girl’s Period Guide’ to your local community!

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Our classes are different from other menstruation courses. Whereas most stick to teaching a traditional text, we strive to give teachers the tools to teach this knowledge to the masses in a way that they can comprehend, as well as providing an insight of how to deal with common menstruation issues in today’s times.

Additionally, you will be personally trained by a menstruation expert to be very proficient in the rulings and prepared to deliver this knowledge to your community insha’Allah. 

Ustadha Naielah will answer your questions, train you with how to answer student questions, give personal feedback on your quizzes, honor your space to express your thoughts, and much more.

Classes will be a mixture of topics:

  • Selected chapters from the ‘Fiqh of Menstruation Simplified.’ (Lochia and menopause will not be covered)
  • Practical advice of how to teach the fiqh to young girls and teens.
  • Student questions. Students can ask their related questions during the live session or via private email.

Every week students will be assigned a chapter to read from the ‘Fiqh of Menstruation Simplified.’ There will be additional reading or quizzes about the concepts mentioned. Students should estimate dedicating around two hours of additional time outside of the weekly sessions inshaAllah.

The final exam will consist of testing a student’s understanding of the theory taught through a written test and live student presentations. Students will be asked to teach certain topics from the book ‘Blossom: A Muslim Girl’s Period Guide’ to their classmates like a mock class. This will help ensure that students not only learn the theory, but they are guided on how to teach it inshaAllah.

There is no formal certification (ijaza) for this course. Rather, we test the students knowledge and give a passing mark. Our belief is that teacher training programs should focus on helping students to become well-rounded teachers who are equipped to impart knowledge, whereas formal certification (ijaza) comes after years of training.

The group training program is minimally sixteen 75-minute sessions, but there may be a need for more sessions.

There are two payment options.

Option 1: A monthly payment plan of $150 USD over a four-month span, which will equal $600 USD for sixteen sessions. Then $40 USD per additional session that is needed.

Option 2: A one-time fee of $500 USD for sixteen sessions upfront, and then $40 USD per additional session that is needed.

Private sessions are minimally sixteen 75-minute sessions, but there may be a need for more sessions. For private sessions, each session costs $40 USD per session. A one-time fee of $640 USD for sixteen sessions upfront, and then $40 USD per additional session that is needed.

Once paid, all fees are non-refundable.

If a student decides to leave the training program, no refunds will be given for the amount paid.

If a student does not pass the course, no refunds will be given for the amount paid.

All classes will focus on the Hanafi madhab‘s fiqh of menstruation. Differences of opinions may be mentioned whenever appropriate.

It's undeniably a unique course. This is definitely proper training, not just covering the concepts from the kitab. I can't explain how much I'm benefitting and how much the concepts have opened up. Alhamdulillaah alhamdulillaah I'm very glad I signed up!

Intermediate Level Student United Kingdom

It’s honestly so professional, amazing content, and thoughtful masha’Allah. By thoughtful I mean you seem to be considering everything that’s needed in the ummah and what we need to be teachers and you’re including so much masha’Allah. I’m often thinking about how amazing it is to study with you alhamdulillah. The way you explain things makes it so easy to understand, the extra information you provide, helping us know how to answer questions and answering and researching our questions masha’Allah. It’s so much more than I thought the course would be alhamdulillah. So it’s definitely worth the amount of money masha’Allah.

Intermediate Level Student Australia

Alhumdulillah, I found the teacher training program to be comprehensive and thorough. I feel equipped to convey this essential knowledge to my community insha'Allah and I know that I have excellent and clear resources to refer to. I am grateful to Ustadha Naielah for offering this course and I encourage anyone who has the means to learn this knowledge to impart it within their communities.

Intermediate Level Student Australia

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