By a Woman for Women

The first of its kind! A modern-day guide about the Islamic rulings related to menstruation, lochia, and abnormal bleeding. Written by a Muslim woman for Muslim women. This intermediate guide is designed to be practical, engaging, and easy to read.

Suitable for ages 17+.

Looking for a basic guide? Click here.

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Looking for a basic guide? Click here!

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“I can honestly say this book is what all sisters need. It is easy to read and understand. It has literally all the answers you need in regards to women's issues and praying. I wish I found this book sooner than what I did. Either way I'm grateful I found it and know exactly what I can and cannot do.”

What every Muslim sister needs! United States

“A long awaited comprehensive guide to menstruation. Easy to follow and understand and a must for every Muslim woman following the Hanafi Madhab.”

Comprehensive and easy to understand! A must read! Australia

“MashAllah. I’m enjoying the written style. Clear layout with helpful diagrams. I like the addition of quizzes to consolidate the knowledge inshAllah. Must have in the library! InshAllah”

Clear and concise United Kingdom

“This book fills a huge gap in a clear, concise way, with making a very difficult subject easy to understand. The author has also included a lot of useful additions, including diagrams, a summary of the rulings in dot points and answers to commonly asked questions. I highly, highly recommend this book.”

Makes a difficult topic easy to understand Australia

"This book is really great and a solution to the common issues of menstruation faced by Muslim women. A kind and positive approach of the author in educating the ladies on this topic. I couldn’t find a better book than this up till now."

Very well explained. Highly recommend United Kingdom

"I am very thankful to the author for writing this book. It is very much needed in our community. The text is clear and it has diagrams to show examples which also helps. I also love the different scenario's based on the diagrams. I love how the chapters are clear and there is a build up so at the end you can understand the Early blood formula. Every woman needs this. I've learnt so much- Alhamdulilah. The book covers topics from ghusl, post birth, miscarriages and menopause, fasting to performing Tawaf. I highly recommend it. A must for the bookshelf."

A much needed guide every woman needs United Kingdom

"I found this to be a fantastic guide for Muslim women looking to understand menstruation rules at an intermediate level. It is obvious that the author is an authority in the field and has mastered the traditional texts. She manages to creatively present all the relevant rulings in a clear, engaging, and innovative style - including charts, tables, and diagrams - rather than simply translate material found in the traditional fiqh texts. She nevertheless references all her sources in the appendix, so one feels reassured that the work has a solid basis."

Unique and innovative United Kingdom

"Finally a long awaited work on this topic in the English language by a Muslim lady...(It) is detailed yet the language is simple to make it an introductory reading or used as a primer, it is very well organized with tables and charts, and includes discussions of female body parts along with lochia (nifās), miscarriages, menopause, and abnormal bleeding (istihāda)."

Should be adopted as a textbook United States

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